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Introducing our Matcha Opera Cake – a petite delight bursting with flavor! Featuring layers of matcha sponge, creamy matcha buttercream, and a surprise red bean paste filling, topped with zesty yuzu cream and white chocolate decor. Indulge in this miniature masterpiece, perfect for any occasion!


  • Matcha Joconde Sponge
  • Matcha Italian Buttercream
  • Red Bean Paste
  • Yuzu Chantilly
  • White Chocolate


* Size: 15cm x 15cm serving 4-6 people.


Please note this item requires 3 working days notice.

Matcha Opera Cake

  • For delivery locations and specific requirements, we welcome you to contact us directly. We take pride in delivering our products promptly to meet our customers' needs. Please note that additional charges will apply for delivery services.

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